Stainless Steel Hoop Earrings with Pyrite & Obsidian

pyrite and golden obsidian beads hoop earrings

Why we love this tutorial:

We have just started stocking these wonderful stainless steel hoop earring findings (after many requests!). They are so easy to use (just pull out the wire from the crimp attachment at the top), and slide on your beads! They even have a little hole if you would like to dangle a bead in the middle… which of course we did 😀 In this design, we have used some of our lovely new Pyrite beads and Golden Obsidian beads. We think they make for a striking combo! We’ve made a couple of different design – see at the bottom for something slightly different. These earrings took next to no time to make – the hardest part is cutting that hard stainless steel wire (tips below!). Of course the possible combinations of colours and shapes are endless for these earrings – the only limitation is the curve of the hoop – so beads with a long (straight) hole will not go on.

These earrings are made with 100% Stainless Steel findings. Stainless steel has the benefits of being hypoallergenic, extremely strong and hard wearing, and is resistant to tarnishing. Stainless Steel is a darker colour than silver, and looks more like our nickel silver products.

Beads and Materials You’ll Need:

stainless steel hoop earrings tutorial materials list

Tools You’ll Need:


Step 1. Pull out the wire from one side of the earring hoop.

step one hoop earrings tutorial

Step 2. Simply thread on your beads! We’ve used 9 seed beads either side of the gemstone beads (so 18 seed beads per earring). And we’ve used a stainless steel rondelle spacer between each gemstone bead. Then insert the wire back into the connector at the top.

Note: If you would like the earring to be totally secure, you can now go ahead and crimp the side of the connector that you just inserted the wire into (use very fine needle nose pliers). Be careful not to push the wire in too far, as if you cover the small hole with your wire you will not be able to attach your dangle. However, crimping the connector is not really necessary – the wire itself is a memory wire, and the tension will hold the wire in place.

Step Two Pyrite Hoops tutorial

Step 3. Now it’s time to make the dangle. Take your headpin, and slide on your Pyrite Disc bead. Add a stainless steel rondelle spacer. Measure about 1cm above this bead and prepare to cut. And here’s the tricky part – normal pliers will struggle to cut through stainless steel headpins (and will likely get quite damaged in trying to do so). In fact, even my memory wire cutters ended up just ‘smooshing’ the wire and bending it, and wouldn’t cut through.

The technique that ended up working best for me was using a very cheap pair of cutters (or an old damaged pair) to mark the pin where I wanted to cut. I marked it a couple of times at the same position above the bead, just moving the pliers around the wire. Then I gently bent the wire back and forth until the wire snapped at that point.


Cutting stainless steel wire

Mark the wire with side cutters

Bend the wire back & forth until it snaps

Step 4. Using round nose pliers, form a loop in your headpin.

Form a loop using round nose pliers

Step 5. Attach the open loop to the small hole on the earring hoop connector. Close the loop with your flat nose pliers.

Pyrite and obsidian earring tutorial

Step 6. Now simply attach your earwire. Because these earwires have a ball on the loop at the bottom, you’ll have to thread them onto the hoop from the other end of the earwire.

stainless steel hoop earrings tutorial

Step 7. Close the gap in your earwire using flat nose pliers.

And you’re done!

finished pyrite and obsidian beads hoop earrings

And another design, also using some of the lovely new Pyrite (plus some Black Onyx ovals):

pyrite and black onyx beads earrings