Fluorite Gemstone Chip Beads [long strand]

Fluorite Gemstone Beads

Fluorite Beads

Fluorite Gemstone Beads

The beautiful green and purple tones of Fluorite

Fluorite is a vibrant stone comes in various colours, the most common of which is purple. Our fluorite bead strands are predominately purple, with some clear, blue and green beads mixed in. Fluorite is often a mix of these colours, and occasionally all four can be found in the one bead. In crystal form, Fluorite develops as cuboid or octahedron shapes. It’s this shape that is partially responsible for the jagged patterns within the crystal.

Fluorite Meaning & Uses
The name fluorite comes from the Latin word for flow; Fluorite is said to aid in the flow of negative energy out of the body, while allowing positive energy to flow in. It has powerful effects on the mind by stabilizing thought patterns and making one become much more organized. It also opens to mind to new information, which combined with the increased organization results in Fluorite sometimes being called the ‘Genius Stone’, due to the easy absorption of new information and the ability to store and organize it.

Physically, Fluorite has a balancing effect on the body, possibly helping with issues such as dizziness and vertigo. It may aid in coordination and dexterity.

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