White Potato (off-round) Freshwater Pearls approx. 8-9mm [strand]

Potato (off-round)

Potato (off-round) Freshwater Pearls

potato freshwater pearls

Potato (off-round) Freshwater Pearls


On this page you will find our range of beautiful potato-shaped cultured freshwater pearls. Potato shaped pearls are an off-round pearl. The closer the pearl gets to a round shape, the pricier it becomes! We stock a range of potato pearls, from highly ringed baroque pearls to very smooth near-round pearls.

Freshwater pearls are farmed natural pearls grown by mussels. The mussel is implanted with a tiny piece of mantle tissue, in a process called nucleation. The pearl will then form around this tiny piece of mantle and be harvested when the desired size/age is reached. One mussel can produce dozens of pearls!

My Beads has gained a strong reputation for our range of freshwater pearls, developing relationships with key cultured pearl suppliers over the years.  We continue to offer very competitive pricing, and strive to offer a high level of value in terms of the overall appearance (size, shape, nacre and lustre) of our pearls. We offer a range of qualities, from very affordable irregular nugget pearls to stunning, lustrous near-round pearls. We select our pearls based on their inherent appeal – so even our most inexpensive pearls are beautiful and very wearable!

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