Citrine Gemstone Chip Beads 80-90cm [long strand]

Citrine Gemstone Beads

Citrine Beads

Citrine Beads

Love Soft Yellow Citrine Beads


Citrine is a beautiful soft-yellow form of Quartz, and gets its name from the French word citron meaning ‘lemon’. It is most commonly a lovely pale yellow color, but can actually be quite dark, amber-brown citrine is not unheard of. Interestingly, citrine is formed when the purple amethyst crystals are heated. This happens in nature to create natural Citrine, but can also be replicated by man (the chemical structure, of course, remains the same!).

Citrine Meaning & Uses

Citrine beads are said to hold the power of the sun, meaning it is a warm, comforting and energizing stone. It has the uncommon ability to transform and dissipate negative energy, and it will not store any negative energy. For this reason it is particularly beneficial for removing negativity and bringing about a positive attitude and outlook on life.

Perhaps the most well-known association with citrine is that of wealth building and abundance. It is sometimes called the ‘success crystal’ and people have been adding a citrine stone to their wallets/purses for years to increase their luck with money!

Physically, citrine is said to aid digestion and to help with all things related to the stomach and digestive system. It may be useful for relieving heartburn, constipation, gall bladder paid and help heal stomach ulcers.

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