Garnet Gemstone Chip Beads – 80cm strand

Garnet Gemstone Beads

Garnet Beads

Garnet Beads

Rich Red Natural Garnet Beads

Garnet is a rich, deep-red crystal that gets it’s name from 14th century Middle English gernet which literally means ‘dark red’. Our garnet beads range in colour from a rich, vibrant red to almost black. Generally, the smaller beads are more red while as you get larger, the colour gets darker. This is for two reasons; firstly, the more vibrant-red and transparent the garnet, the more expensive (and rare) it is, so small pieces are more likely then larger pieces, and secondly, as the bead gets larger, less light is able to enter the stone to enable the colour to shine.

Garnet Meaning and Uses
Garnet is said to be just like having a shot of vitamin B – it provides an amazing boost to energy levels within the body. It revitalises the body, which has flow-on health benefits such as improved immunity, endurance and vitality. Garnet is also said to beneficial towards blood related issues, stabilising blood pressure and improving circulation. Garnet may be worn anywhere on the body, but if using it for circulatory issues, closer to the heart is better! In addition to the physical benefits, Garnet is also a stone of love and passion. It is excellent for balancing the sex drive with emotions. In this way, wearing Garnet beads is very soothing for emotions

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