Rose Quartz Gemstone Chip Beads [Long Strand]

Gemstone Chips

Gemstone Chip Beads

Gemstone Chip Beads

Many varieties of gemstone chips at $5 per strand!

All standard gemstone chips just $5.00 per long strand!*

On this page you will find our selection of beautiful semi-precious gemstone chip beads. These are sold by the long 80-90cm strand and are an absolute bargain!

All of our gemstone chips are natural stone, unless otherwise specified. The size range is generally a decent 5mm to 9mm, however check the individual product page for the details as this varies.

Ideas for using gemstone chips
We absolutely love chip beads as they are relatively inexpensive (when compared to shaped gemstones) and yet you still get all that gemmy-goodness! Chips are a great bead to use in-between other larger beads; or, due to their smaller size they look great in multi-strand designs.We also love to use chips (often among other beads) in one of our favourite designs, the cluster. Or, of course, you could simple string them on elastic to make a super-sweet (and cheap!) gemstone bracelet. Note: if using elastic, we normally recommend 0.8mm for chips. But please refer to the individual product listing as hole size may vary. 

*$5.00 deal only applies to standard (common) gemstones. Some rarer stones may be more than $5.00. But we try our best to keep all of our chips at the lowest price possible!

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