Angelite Gemstone Round Beads – 4mm [strand]


Angelite Beads

Angelite beads - natural gemstone beads

Natural Angelite Beads

Angelite is a light blue (and less commonly green) form of gypsum. It is a crystal that forms when Gypsum is in contact with water; over millions of years the stone becomes dehydrated and compressed, and becomes Angelite. In fact, the name Angelite actually comes from the Greek work anhydrous, which means ‘without water’.

Blue Angelite beads align with the throat, third eye, and crown chakras. It is a highly spiritual stone, that may facilitate connection to the spiritual realm, as well as your own higher self. For this reason it may be beneficial for aiding communication and self-expression, enabling the wearer to speak their truth. It may also be useful when attempting to develop ones psychic abilities.

Physically, Angelite is a very soothing and calming stone. It may be helpful in calming intense emotions, as well as being beneficial for dealing with anxiety. Furthermore, the calming nature of Angelite may prove useful in promoting restful sleep and relaxation/downtime.

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