Leather Cord Necklace 2mm, 45cm [each]

Pandora Compatible Charms

  • Alphabet Beads

    Alphabet Beads

  • Components


    Bracelets + necklaces for Metal Core Beads Bracelets and necklaces. Available in gold and silver, in various lengths. Metal Core and large hole beads and other silver core beads can fit onto these.
  • Silver Charms & Beads

    Silver Charms & Beads

    Silver Core Beads Gorgeous Silver Core Beads. These are quality handmade glass with a plated silver core. We also have bracelets available.
  • Gold Charms & Beads

    Gold Charms & Beads

    Gorgeous Gold core Beads. These are quality handmade glass with a gold toned core. We also have gold toned bracelets available.
  • Sterling Silver

    Sterling Silver

    Sterling Silver Solid Core Beads Lovely handmade lampwork glass and sterling silver beads. Very high quality beads, the sterling silver core is one solid piece just like the brand name beads. Price is per bead. Size: Approx. 14x7mm.
  • Wholesale Charms & Beads

    Wholesale Charms & Beads

    Wholesale Large Hole Charms and Beads Lovely large hole beads to use alongside Pandora (and other brands) beads and charms. Use your own bracelet or buy one of ours. Compatibility will vary from bracelet to bracelet, as different brands make slightly different styles. Our beads and charms will fit with most.  On this page we you will find our wholesale large hole beads - sold by the bag of 10. We also sell these individually, please see these links: Silver Charms & Beads or Gold Charms and Beads.