Fire Agate and Pearl Cuff

Step 1. Take two pieces of 18ga wire approx. 20cm long, and form swirls at both ends of each wire (start the swirls off with round nose pliers, then continue them with flat nose pliers).

Step 2. Connect the two wires togetehr at one end near the swirls by wrapping the 24ga wire around 5 or 6 times, then start adding beads.

Step 3. Add just enough beads to fill each section of the cuff, you will add more (or larger beads) as you reach the middle. Between each section of beads, wrap approx 8-10 times.

Step 4. Once you’ve reached the end, finish off by wrapping around both wires 5 or 6 times. Trim the extra wire at both ends and flatten slightly with flat nose pliers.