Amazonite, Clear Quartz and Selenite Long Mala Necklace

Selenite and amazonite necklace tutorial

Why We Love This Tutorial:

This is a simply strung, long necklace that you can complete in less than an hour! We would often knot between each gemstone bead with this style of necklace, but by using tiny 15/0 seed beads we get the same effect with a lot less effort (and time, yay!). We have used some of our lovely new polished gemstone nugget beads, which come in a heap of different stone-types. We’ve used Amazonite, as its lovely soft colour goes so well with the Selenite pendant and matte Clear Quartz. We’ve made this necklace very long, as we wanted to be able to wrap it around a few times – in fact it is almost 1.2 meters all up including the pendant drop. You could leave out some of the 6mm clear quartz if you’d like it to be a more conventional length – say 80cm – for which you would leave out about 40 of the 6mm beads. .

Beads and Materials You’ll Need:

Tools You’ll Need:

  • Flat Nose pliers (for crimping)
  • Scissors (for cutting tiger tail – never use pliers for this!)


  1. This one’s pretty easy! Simply string all of your beads onto the tigertail in your desired pattern, using a 15/0 seed bead as a spacer between each bead. Don’t forget to add the pendant when you get to the middle point! The pattern for this design is (from the clasp):
    • 14x 6mm matte clear quartz – 10x Amazonite Nugget Beads – 21x matte clear quartz – 10x Amazonite Nugget Beads – 21x matte clear quartz – 5x Amazonite Nugget Beads – Pendant – then do the other side of the necklace as you have just done.
  2. Finish off your necklace using crimps, clamshells and the clasp of your choice.
  3. And that’s it! Super simple 🙂