Turquoise & Fire Agate Coiled Necklace

Step 1. First, make the coiled bead sections. For this project, we’ll be using a coiling gizmo. Take about two meters of 24 gauge wire and using the smallest coil bar, make a coil about 12cm long (the whole length of the coil bar). Slide this coil onto a piece of 18ga wire 2cm longer than the coil, and form a loop at each end using round nose pliers. Take your turquoise, and form the coil around the bead, with the loops flush against the bead near the hole at each end.

Step 2. Make the dangles, 48 in total. We have made these with 24ga wire, making a small swirl at one end. We have also made these with double loops to ensure they do not fall off the tigertail.

Step 3. Attach the toggle to the end of the tigertail using crimps, and thread on the 6/0 brass seed beads. Then, thread on a 10mm agate bead then 8 dangles, followed by the turquoise coiled bead (make sure the tigertail goes through the loops at the end of the coil). Follow this with another 8 dangles and a 10mm agate.

Step 4. Space the three beaded bead sections with more 6.0 seed beads. Finish with crimps and the other half of the magnetic clasp.