Wired Tiger Eye Bead Flower Bangle Tutorial

tiger eye and golden obsidian 3mm beaded flower bangle

Why We Love This Tutorial:

I absolutely could not resist making this adorable flower-themed bangle with the new 3mm round gemstone beads we’ve just got in. We are doing a workshop using a similar technique to make some rather sweet drop earrings, and once I got started making these flowers, I could not stop! I have used a bangle as the base for this design, however you could easily use memory wire instead (like our last tutorial, here), or even just make your own frame using 18ga Artistic Wire. For the wrapping, we’ve used tarnish resistant wire, which means these lovely bangles will hold up against the test of time.

I have used three types of 3mm round gemstones in this design: Tiger Eye 3mm Beads, Yellow Jade 3mm, and Faceted Golden Obsidian 3mm. We have so many different gemstone types available in this 3mm size that you could come up with many stunning variations of colours 🙂

Beads and Materials You’ll Need:

Tools You’ll Need:


Step One: Cut about 1.5m of 26ga wire. If you prefer to work with less (it’s a but more manageable!) that’s totally fine, it’s very easy to add wire as you go with the design.

Step Two: Wrap approximately 6 times around the end of your bangle. You can leave the little tail for now and cut off at the end using your flush cutters. Add 6 3mm gemstone beads. wired flower tutorial step oneStep Three: Form a circle with these six beads. wired flower tutorial step two Step Four: Take the wire and fold it over and around the flower (so that the wire is sitting in the gap). wired flower tutorial step fourStep Five: Thread on a different coloured 3mm bead, and push into the gap. wired flower tutorial step fiveStep Six: To secure this middle bead in place, take the wire and make one loop around the flower (in the middle with three beads either side). Step sixPull it down tightly so that the flower pulls together snugly:step six cont

Step Seven: Wrap around the bangle approx. 6 times. step seven flower tutorial

Step Eight: These steps are just a repeat of the steps you have completed. But sometimes seeing it again from a different angle can prove useful! black obsidian beadsStep Nine: Form the circle: black obsidian beadsStep Ten: Take the wire over the bangle and behind the flower: black obsidian beadsStep Eleven: Thread the middle bead on, the wrap once around the side of the flower to secure in place: black obsidian beadsStep Twelve: Wrap size or so times around the bangle: black obsidian beads and tiger eye flower bangleStep Thirteen: Continue like this until you have filled up your entire bangle. Trim the excess wire using flush cutters, and use your flat nose pliers to ensure the wire is sitting completely flat against the bangle. And you’re done! tiger eye and golden obsidian 3mm beaded flower bangle