Turquoise & Coral Multi-strand Necklace Tutorial

turquoise and red coral beads necklace tutorial

Why We Love This Tutorial:

This is a sweet, choker-length necklace that is simply strung on tigertail. Nothing too tricky about this design – we’ve used a side closing clamshell to secure all three strand together at each end, plus a simple toggle clasp. We are loving the new Red Coral beads, and we have always adored the combination with blue Turquoise Magnesite.

Beads and Materials You’ll Need:

Tools You’ll Need:


  1. Cut your tigertail to your desired length (time 3). Ours is approx. 38cm for each strand. Cut it a little longer than required just to make it easier to work with (say, 45cm). Attach a crimp over all three strands at one end and squash with your flat nose pliers. Take your clamshell and cover the crimp, then close it gently using flat nose pliers (not squash to hard or it will lose its shape!).
  2. Take on strand at a time and thread on your beads. The pattern in quite random, we have basically done a section of seed beads (number of beads varies) then one of the turquoise or coral beads. I just made a bead soup of the turquoise and coral beads, and would pick them up almost at random (the larger barrel beads can be placed strategically). Same goes for the seed beads; make a bead soup and thread them on at random.
  3. Stop threading once you’ve reached the half way mark and either use your bead stopper to secure the end of the strand, or tie a loose knot in it.
  4. Repeat for the two other strands of tigertail.
  5. Once all three strands have half their beads on, attach the pendant. Then continue threading the beads up the other side of the necklace.
  6. Once you are done threading, secure all three strands together using a crimp. Cover the crimp with your second clamshell.
  7. Use 6mm jump rings to attach your toggle. And you’re finished!