Navy Blue and Brown Large Ceramic Shell Feature Bead – 40mm [each]


  • Brights Are Back!

    Brights Are Back!

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    Last Chance!

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    Life is a Beach

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    Macrame Beads

    Macramé Beads

    [caption id="attachment_55132" align="alignleft" width="300"]deep pink ceramic round beads 6mm Large hole beads for Macrame[/caption]Description Here you will find our collection of beads with bigger holes - usually 2mm to 6mm - perfect for macramé! We have a very varied range of macrame beads in this collection; everything from large hole gemstone beads, ceramic beads, glass beads to metal beads.Macramé is a fantastic technique to use in jewellery making - it's not just for hanging plant pots! We regularly teach classes in macrame, and over time we will be adding more and more tutorials in our gallery. Macramé utilises knots as opposed to weaving, and is actually very fun and addictive to do! As the demand for large hole beads is increasing (probably due to the beautiful Boho style macrame beaded jewellery), our collection will continue to grow.
  • Perfectly Pastel

    Perfectly Pastel

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    Tribute to Tribal

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