Tiger Eye & Carnelian Hoop Necklace Tutorial

Tiger Eye and Carnelian Necklace

Why We Love this Tutorial:

This simple hoop design makes for a striking statement! It is super easy to make, and should take less than an hour to complete. It can be made with almost any type of small beads, which means it is also very versatile! If you choose to use smaller beads, you can make many more rows than the three we have done in this tutorial. Or example is quite small, at about 30mm across. You can make this design any size you like! I have seen some up to about 80mm across (thanks, lovely class ladies!).

Beads and Materials You’ll Need:

Tools You’ll Need:


    1. Take 15cm  of 18ga wire, and shape it around a round mandrel 30mm diameter. Cut the wire, leaving a gap of about 1cm in the middle.Step 1 Gemstone Hoop Necklace Tutorial
    2. Using round nose pliers, form loops on either end of the wire. Use flat nose pliers to make these loops vertically aligned. Wire hoop pendant tutorial step 2
    3. Take 24ga wire, and wrap 3-4 times around the base. Step 3 of Wire Gemstone Hoop Tutorial
    4. Attach as many beads required to fill a row, then wrap around 3-5 times. Continue this until the pendant is filled to your liking! Wire Beaded Hoop Pendant Tutorial Wire Hoop Gemstone Tutorial
    5. Trim any excess wire. Wire Gemstone Hoop Tutorial
    6. Attach to a chain or beaded necklace.
      Finish design of Tutorial

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Wire Gemstone Hoop Pendant Tutorial

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