Pretty Pastel Gemstone Cluster Earrings Tutorial

pastel gemstone cluster bead earring tutorial

Why we love this tutorial:

Who doesn’t love a good cluster?! These earrings are quite simple really, combing a normal drop earring with the cluster technique. Clustering a bunch of small beads together gives a dramatic look that we can’t get enough of! In this design, we’ve used some of our beautiful new pastel gemstone beads… how sweet are these colours together?! We’ve also dropped in a few of the new faceted glass crystals in a milky pink colour (we are loving the new range of crystals by the way – heaps of new colours, including much requested opaque colours! Check them out, here!).

Beads and Materials You’ll Need:

Tools You’ll Need:


Step 1. First make your dangles. In this design, we have made a traditional wrapped loop. You may have seen in other designs that we often do a cheats loop (like in this design, click here). However, for this design we need the dangles to sit out a little bit, so the cheats loops don’t work very well (trust me, I tried it and it looked odd!). See below images for how to make a wrapped loop (we’ve shown it with a bronze headpin and a lava bead, and this shows up better on the camera!)

Using your round nose pliers, make a small loop:

Wrap 2-3 times:

Trim the tail with your flush cutters.

Make about 15 dangles for each earring.

cluster earring tutorial

Step 2: Take your headpin, and slide on the nugget bead.

gemstone bead cluster earring tutorial

Step 3. Then, slide on your dangles. I normally slightly graduate these – so I use the bigger ones more towards the bottom, and the smaller 4mm beads near the top.

Step 4. After you have put all the dangles on, I like to use a single bead on the headpin. This is useful to push all the dangles down and keep them more ‘clustered’. It also make forming the loop at the top easier and more snug.

gemstone bead cluster earring tutorial

Step 5. Cut your headpin 1cm above the bead. Form a simple loop using round nose pliers.

gemstone bead cluster earring tutorial

Step 6. Attach to your earwire. And you’re done!

gemstone bead cluster earring tutorial