Illusion necklace

What you’ll need:

  • Length of nylon depends on your choice of length and number of
    strands. Example used approx. 1 metre.
  • Seed Beads (I used gold seed beads).
  • Round Beads. (I used nine 10mm goldstone beads and eleven 6mm
    goldstone beads.)
  • Clasp (not shown), use your preferred clasp type.
  • Bead Tips (aka clamshells) x2.

Notes: This illusion necklace is so much fun to make, plus you don’t need to use crimps.
1. Attach your bead tip to your chosen number of strands, I used two strands see photo.

2. Thread one seed bead onto one of the strands. Position the seed bead where you would like your first bead to sit. Thread the nylon back though the seed bead three times. This will keep it secure, see picture.

3. Then add your round bead, followed by another seed bead. Loop the nylon back though this seed bead once, then pull the seed bead as close to the round bead as possible.

4. Then loop the nylon back though this seed bead two more times.

5. Now you can move onto the next bead. Leave about one inch, or whatever look you are going for. Leaving varying amounts of space can make for a really interesting random look.

6. Continue to repeat the process until you are satisfied with the length. Then start on the next strand. To get the look of the photo (top) make one strand slightly shorter than the other before finally attaching the bead tip.

7. Add clasp to bead tip, and you’re done!

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