Matte Tiger Eye Gemstone Round Beads – 6mm [strand]

Matte Tiger Eye Gemstone Round Beads – 6mm [strand]


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Full strand of beautiful natural Tiger Eye gemstone round beads. These have a rustic matte finish.

Strand Length: Approx. 38-40cm

Bead Size: approx. 6mm round.

Beads per strand: Approx.65


Tiger Eye Meaning

Tiger Eye is a lucky stone, that is said to bring about success to the wearer. This success may be attributed to the effect Tiger Eye has on one’s emotions and mind: Tiger Eye focuses the mind, brings mental clarity and a greater understanding of the mechanics and subtleties of situations. This advantage may lead to smarter decisions in life and business, and is thus, lucky! Physically, Tiger Eye is said to strengthen bones and the skeletal system, helping with back ache and improving dental problems. Tiger Eye beads are also said to be beneficial for eye problems, and improving issues such as night-blindness.


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