Matte Howlite Gemstone Round Beads – 6mm [strand]

Matte Howlite Gemstone Round Beads – 6mm [strand]


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Full strand of beautiful natural Howlite gemstone round beads. These have a rustic matte finish.
Strand Length: Approx. 38-40cm
Bead Size: approx. 6mm round.
Hole size: Approx. 0.6mm
Beads per strand: Approx.65

Howlite Meaning & Uses

Howlite is a crystal of awareness: it will give you the gift of wisdom and enlightenment. It makes issues and problems become easier to understand, and unveils truths that have been hard to see. Howlite is said to provide focus by blocking out external noise. It is for this reason that it is also a calming stone, promoting serenity, and is particularly useful for meditation.

In a physical sense, Howlite is said to provide energy by way of invigorating the body. It does this due to the calming effect on the mind; relieving insomnia and providing a good nights sleep. As many will attest, a good nights sleep works wonders on the mind and body! Stress is reduced, the mind is sharper and physical immunity is strengthened.

Furthermore, Howlite beads are said to have a balancing effect on calcium levels in the body. This may be beneficial for teeth and bones, and in cases of osteoporosis.


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