Matte Black Onyx Plain Rounds 8mm [strand]

Matte Black Onyx Plain Rounds 8mm [strand]


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Strand of beautiful frosted Black Onyx gemstone beads. So smooth to touch! Strand is approx. 38 to 40cm long, with approx. 50 beads. Hole size is approx. 0.6mm to 0.8mm.

Black Onyx Meaning & Uses

Black onyx is a crystal of protection and strength. It protects against negative energy and toxic situations (and relationships), while providing the strength and self-control to maintain ones boundaries and stay safe. Additionally, Black Onyx helps dissolve negative thought patterns and assists in overcoming fear. Physically, Black Onyx may assist in healing disorders that start with the bones and bone marrow; and subsequently, disorders of the blood. For this reason, Black Onyx is said to be useful for tooth problems, as well problems related to circulation.


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