Amethyst Round Gemstone Beads – 10mm [strand]

Amethyst Round Gemstone Beads – 10mm [strand]


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Full strand of shiny semi-precious natural Amethyst Round Beads, 8mm. Each gemstone bead is 10mm in diameter and is fully drilled through the middle for easy stringing. This Amethyst is the A grade, consistently purple Amethyst. It is 100% natural and not dyed or treated.

Strand Length: Approx. 38 to 40cm (15 to 16inches)
Bead Size: 10mm
Hole size: Approx. 0.8mm to 1mm
Beads per strand: Approx. 36 to 40*

*Please note: All sizes and quantities are approximate; bead size may vary up to 10% (either smaller or larger), and consequently number of beads per strand may vary slightly. Our beads of a high quality, but this approximation is the nature of gemstone beads.

Notes on colour: The photos included are of the actual stock, and we have tried our very best to accurately show the colours within these beads. We do not edit our photos to change the colour whatsoever, however colour between computer monitors and/or phone screens do vary so please keep that in mind. We have also included a photo outside in natural light to assist in accurate colour depiction.


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