Peacock Black Baroque Flat Freshwater Pearls 12-22mm [strand]

Peacock Black Baroque Flat Freshwater Pearls 12-22mm [strand]


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Full strand of cultured freshwater pearls in a flat baroque shape. Highly irregular pearls that vary in size and shape. These vary immensely from strand to strand – some strands are closer to a coin shape, while others are more rectangular. Some strands are completely irregular in shape. The photo is several strands chosen at random to give you an idea of what you may receive.

Surface: Nice lustre, with highly irregular surface. Some breaks in nacre, but overall quite attractive striking pearls.
Colour: Dark peacock blue/black.
Size: Mostly Approx. 12mm to 22mm long, 12mm to 15mm wide.
Strand Length: Approx. 38cm
Beads per strand: Approx. 24 to 30 (depends on size of pearls on your particular strand)
Hole size: Approx. 0.6mm

What are Cultured Freshwater Pearls?
Cultured freshwater pearls are farmed natural pearls grown by mussels. The mussel is implanted with a tiny piece of mantle tissue, in a process called nucleation. The pearl will then form around this tiny piece of mantle and be harvested when the desired size/age is reached. One mussel can produce dozens of pearls!

My Beads has gained a strong reputation for our range of freshwater pearls, developing relationships with key cultured pearl suppliers over the years. We continue to offer very competitive pricing, and strive to offer a high level of value in terms of the overall appearance (size, shape, nacre and lustre) of our pearls. We offer a range of qualities, from very affordable irregular nugget pearls to stunning, lustrous near-round pearls. We select our pearls based on their inherent appeal – so even our most inexpensive pearls are beautiful and very wearable!