Turquoise (synthetic) Round Beads – 14mm [strand]

Turquoise (synthetic) Round Beads – 14mm [strand]


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Gorgeous synthetic Turquoise Beads. These are a form of block turquoise; resin containing small amounts of crushed turquoise and other solids to look like Turquoise. Lighter than natural stone or Turquoise.

Strand Length: Approx. 38cm to 40cm (15 to 16 inches)
Bead Size: approx. 14mm.
Hole size: Approx. 0.8mm to 1mm
Beads per strand: Approx. 26 to 28*

*Please note: All sizes and quantities are approximate; bead size may vary up to 10% (either smaller or larger), and consequently number of beads per strand may vary slightly. Our beads of a high quality, but this approximation is the nature of gemstone beads.


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