Fancy Jasper Round Gemstone Beads – 8mm

Fancy Jasper Round Gemstone Beads – 8mm


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Full 40cm strand of shiny semi-precious Fancy Jasper Round Beads. Each gemstone bead is 8mm in diametre and is fully drilled through the middle for easy stringing. Approx. 50 beads per strand. Hole size is approx. 0.6mm to 0.8mm.

Fancy Jasper Meaning & Uses

As with most Jaspers, Fancy Jasper is said to be a very nurturing crystal. It will help support you in times of stress, providing a feeling of well-being and tranquility. It is said to help quash negative emotions, and helps one to enjoy the present moment.

Physically, Fancy Jasper may offer a boost to the immune system and is said to be beneficial for those suffering with chronic illness. It is a great stone to carry with you when travelling, as it is said to be a protective stone (largely due to the effects on immunity).



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