Pearl Knotting Jewellery Making Classes Brisbane
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Captured Bead Technique
In this workshop we will be utilising the pretty captured bead technique. You may make a bracelet or a necklace time permitting! Gorgeous design that can be incorporated with other chain maille techniques to come up with some truly unique jewellery.

Items you will need to purchase on the day

  • 10mm jump rings (100pcs)
  • Clasp
  • 7mm jump rings (x2)
  • 5mm jump rings (x2)
  • 8mm round beads

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nd red coral beads. Selection of genuine lead crystal beads on strands. We also stock a massive range of silver core beads in both murano glass, plated silver and gold plated beads. These have a silver core and slide onto our bracelets and necklaces.